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The Geocaching Association of Great Britain
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  Welcome to the home of the GAGB!

This Geocaching Association of Great Britain (GAGB) was established to provide a voice for its members in the United Kingdom.
Our aims are to establish good practices, provide a focal point for public liaison and support the growth and enjoyment of Geocaching within the UK.

Information Important Membership Announcement

Remember membership of the GAGB is FREE

We have separated membership of our forums from membership of GAGB. If your membership application was validated prior to 9am BST on 3rd May 2008 you are a member of both GAGB and of our forums. If your application was validated after that time, or if you apply for membership of our forums now or in the future, you are or will become a member of our forums only, but not a member of GAGB itself. You can check whether you're a member or not, and join GAGB itself if you wish, HERE.
  What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a modern day form of 'treasure hunting' the real "treasure" in geocaching though, is the location, enjoying nature, the countryside and getting there.
If you are not familiar with the sport/hobby/pastime of geocaching, visit our "What is Geocaching" page.

  What is there to do here?
  • Check out or database of Landowner Agreements that will help you when it comes to placing a geocache of your own
  • Check out the forums for latest news regarding the association activities, keep up to date with local and national events.
  • Find information and links to regional forums and find cachers that are local to you.
  • Check out our WebsiteLinks page to find many links to various listing sites and other useful sites for information.
  • View our For Sale/Wanted section.
  Available Branded Products.

There is now a selection of GAGB branded products (mugs, car stickers, flags & Tshirt, all can be personalised) available from GeoTees

Mug 11oz Bumper Sticker Flag T-shirt

  Got a concern about a cache you've found?
Information Contact the GAGB by phone

GAGB has set up a phone message service on 033 3340 4242. This can be used to contact the GAGB committee.

Additionally, any UK cacher, whether a member of GAGB or not, is welcome to use the number as a contact number in a cache.
Any messages regarding that cache will be passed on to the cache owner.

   GAGB Telephony is provided by 
03 numbers are new UK wide numbers. You should be able to call them from any line, but if you have problems please do let us know.
OFCOM dictate that UK wide 03 <kb-telecoms-03.html> numbers must be charged at the same price and included in the same call packages as 01 and 02 numbers.

For more details see:


  Other methods of contacting the GAGB.

Please use our "Contact Us" Page to get in touch with GAGB if your enquiry is not deemed to be urgent.

Please note that this website is not intended to compete with other websites, it is a supportive site for all UK Geocachers